Are you ready to embark on the ultimate Joburg market adventure? Well, you better be, because you’re about to discover, explore, and experience absolutely EVERYTHING the thriving, thrilling, wildly unique, and exceptionally vibrant Joburg market scene has to offer – Are you excited? Oh boy, we most definitely hope so!

Boasting an exciting diversity of markets in virtually every neighbourhood across Johannesburg – with only more & more incredible markets popping up here, there, and everywhere – there is absolutely no denying that Jozi is at the very top of its market game!

Whether you’re into thrifts, arts, crafts, clothing, jewellery, and one-of-a-kind finds or simply yearning for some down-right delicious food, refreshing drinks, farm-fresh produce, amazing entertainment, epic live music, and, of course, an all-around lively, lovely, and laid-back atmosphere and always ‘lekker’ vibe Joburg is known for, the city of Johannesburg has the perfect market for you.

Without further ado – Here are some of the best markets in Johannesburg, all of which deserve a prime spot on your Joburg market bucket-list!

Weekly Joburg Markets


#Bryanston Organic Market

Best Markets in Johannesburg
Photo credit: Bryanston Market

If there ever was on OG of the Joburg market scene, it would undoubtedly be Bryanston Market! Running for over 40 years and counting, this widely beloved market is not only one of Joburg’s oldest outdoor markets, but a true fan-favourite among both locals and tourists alike.

Taking great pride in specializing in organically grown fresh produce and delicious deli foods, Bryanston Market offers a brilliant array of stalls for the eco-conscious, some of which include the freshest organic produce, wholesome home-baked goods, natural cosmetics, sustainable fashion, and a remarkable selection of traditional artisan wares.

~ Support Local ~

As all of the produce and products sold at the Bryanston Market are organically sourced and made from natural materials and fabrics, by supporting this top Joburg Market you will in turn also be supporting all of Bryanston Market’s various local traders, small businesses, and solo entrepreneurs – ultimately giving you the extraordinary opportunity to be / play an integral role in supporting, championing, and uplifting the local community. Now that’s certainly something to smile about!

South Africa is the epitome of ‘local is lekker’ after all!

HOLD ON! Where certainly not done yet! What the Mai Mai Market lacks for vegans and vegetarians, Bryanston Market not only caters to generously, but has taken it upon themselves to full the MUCH NEEDED & DEEPLY DESIRED gap that continues to exist when it comes to eco-conscious living, the provision of fresh organically grown produce, and catering to any and all dietary requirements and restrictions. You better believe the Bryanston Market has ALL that & more – ensuring there is something for absolutely EVEYONE to sip, savour, and enjoy!

The Bryanston Market is held in a relaxed, outdoor environment with a spacious central dining area – further encouraging a sense of comradery & community among everyone who visits this highly sought-after Joburg market. This warm, vibrant, and everyone-is-welcome space is perfect for parking off and listening to live music over lunch from one of the many delectable food stalls. Not to mention great for sharing a few cold brews with friends and family. To top it off, there is also an awesome play area for the kiddos to enjoy on the premises, making going to the one and only Bryanston Market a great outing for the whole family to enjoy!

#Fourways Farmer’s Market

**Important Note**

Voted Joburg’s Favourite Market, Fourways Farmers Market is situated in the picturesque Modderfontein Nature Reserve.

Located near the always-on-the-go hustle & bustle of the city, yet spacious enough for you to ‘temporary’ forget – even if it is only for a few hours – any visit to the Fourways Farmers Market at the Modderfontein Reserve is as good as a holiday.

In fact, from the moment you step through their traditional farm-style corrugated entrance, and wander into the lovely lavender-rich picnic area, boasting lush green surroundings, sprawling lawns and landscaping, plenty of shaded seating areas and beyond spectacular views of the breathtaking Modderfontein Nature Reserve and Reserve Lake,it will almost feel like you’ve escaped to your own little slice of ‘nature-lovers’ paradise – and perhaps you have!

~ What to expect ~

Whether you’re a family with young children, a die-hard hiking adventurer, a keen cyclist, an avid birdwatcher of sort or if you’re simply looking to relax, unwind, and enjoy a lovely day out in a breathtaking environment, we would without a single ounce of doubt recommend a weekend visit to the Fourways Farmers Market. It really doesn’t get any better!

The Fourways Farmers Market beauty, fun, and excitement definitely doesn’t end there! Once you’ve made your way through to the market section, you will be eagerly greeted (and treated, of course) to worldwide culinary offerings at a vast diversity of food stalls, fantastic live entertainment, shopping & crafts, a fresh boutique flower market and nursery, and a selection of bars serving cocktails, beer, wine, and a variety of alcoholic beverages, all of which awaits you.

With a cocktail in one hand and a mouth-watering meal in the other, you can either choose to browse through the market or sit under a tree in and amongst the greenery of Modderfontein Nature Reserve’s sprawling lawns, all while soaking up every glorious sight of the beautiful Reserve’s surroundings, paired with the magnificent view of the Reserve Lake complemented by the splendid sounds of singer-songwriters hoping to be the next Ed Sheeran.

With countless seating options and a designated fun-filled kids’ area, you can bring the whole family along for a day of discovering, exploring, adventuring, and unwinding, all while you have the time of your life experiencing all the food, drinks, live entertainment, shopping, and a whole lot of fun that will be on offer. Situated next to a the Modderfontein Nature Reserve hiking and bike trail, the Fourways Farmers Market truly is your escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It promises to exceed your expectations and so much more!

#Neighbourgoods Market @ The Playground

Best Markets in Johannesburg
Photo credit: Play Braamfontein

Braamfontein’s famed Neighbourgoods Market venue is back! Now called ‘The Playground’ by Play Braam.

Bordering Joburg’s City Centre and joined to Newtown by the Nelson Mandela Bridge, Braamfontein – or as it’s affectionately known by Joburg locals – ‘Braam’ – is not only one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Jourg, but an urban gem right in the heart of Jozi’s inner-city.

When it comes to street life and culture, the intersection of Juta Street and De Beer Street has long been one of Braamfontein’s coolest corners. This captivating Braam corner is known to boast a modish, yet edgy, mix of hip eateries, trendy bars, chic rooftop spots, and epic hidden gems and secret spots only real Braam locals know about. Best of all, this exact spot / location is where you’ll find yourself in the midst of one of Joburg’s most famous, not to mention coolest, markets – We’re, of course, referring to the Neighbourgoods Market at The Playground!

The transformation of the Neighbourgoods Market to the re-invented Neighbourgoods Market at The Playground

**For those of our readers who are unfamiliar with the Neighbourgoods Market and its transition to the re-invented Neighbourgoods Market at The Playground, allow us to explain**

Play Braam was behind what was originally known as Neighbourgoods Market at 73 Juta Street, a transformative space pre-Covid that drew thousands of Joburgers, who ordinarily wouldn’t venture so far out, into its fold. Braamfontein’s Saturday Neighbourgoods Market was always a Joburg weekend favourite and when it closed at the start of the pandemic, the city definitely lost a special something.

The Playground Market launched in its place at the start of 2023. So, simply put, What was once Neighbourgoods has now become The Playground – and 2024 sees it re-emerge as an exciting play space for adults, newly reimagined to be less of a market and more of an entertainment and cultural attraction. 

Created by co-founder of Neighbourgoods, Play Braam and headed by Adam Levy, The Playground has been reimagined (January 2024) and now takes its place along with a host of new developments in the Play Braam precinct. This includes Joburg’s first rooftop basketball court, a beach club, a KFC concept store, and other attractions designed to delight a youthful (and young-at-heart) crowd.

What you can expect to experience at The Playground

The new Playground space includes five regular food offerings, a cool retail selection, trendy bars, incredible live music performances, top-tier DJ’s, and plenty of ways to stay entertained with a super list of activities that will be refreshed monthly. Some of The Playground’s top attractions, activities, and experiences include the popular Paint and Sip sessions, board games, a pop-up roller rink, table tennis, a 360-camera experience, rooftop basketball, a Mediterranean-inspired beach club, a plan for human foosball, and an opportunity to play sky-high basketball.

Across the road is Braamfontein’s sexy new Beach Club, set to be a much-in-demand summer attraction. Set right in the heart of Braamfontein, The Playground’s City Beach Club is said to be wild, sandy (yes, literally), and sophisticated. You’re invited to sit back, relax, and unwind to your heart’s desire as you sink your toes into the sand with a cocktail in hand, all paired with spectacular sweeping views of the striking Joburg skyline – It will truly feel like you’ve escaped to your own slice of beach paradise right here in the heart of Johannesburg!

**Note: No under-21s are allowed into The Playground’s City Beach Club | Bookings are absolutely ESSENTIAL

Add to that a new pizza joint by Coalition and a fresh coffee spot, plus MUCH more, and this attraction on Juta Street is set to change the way people experience weekends in Braamfontein!

**List of some of The Playground’s Top Attraction & Activities :

The Playground Re-Imagined

The recreational area of 73 Juta’s The Playground has been revamped, adding more adult fun and games to the line-up. Gone is the market experience and in its place is a refined and pared-down menu served up by five food vendors, cool details, and a super list of activities that will be refreshed monthly. Plus, now with an epic rooftop basketball court and a Mediterranean-inspired Beach Club where patrons will without a doubt spend hours soaking up the glorious Joburg sunshine, Play Braam’s latest additions are making joyful waves.

**The Playground is open every Saturday from 11am – 7pm | Admission is free for the first hour & R20 p/p thereafter**

#Rosebank Sunday Market

Best Markets in Johannesburg
Photo credit: Rosebank Sunday Market

Priding itself on being a true expression of South Africa’s vibrancy and dynamism, the Rosebank Sunday Market loudly and proudly claimed the title of ‘The Best Craft Market in Joburg’ in 2021, establishing itself as a true contender within the thriving Joburg market scene. The Rosebank Sunday Market is also one of the most well-known markets in the city of Johannesburg.

From wooden toys, second-hand books, ceramics, colourful handmade baskets, and a glorious collection of African print clothing, its no surprise that the Rosebank Sunday Market is especially well known for its selection of African craft. 

While colourful crafts and artwork are the order of the day here, Rosebank Sunday Market also offers its visitors a vast diversity of other art and craft stalls to peruse and buy from, along with several gourmet food traders, plenty of food stalls, and even a craft beer and gin bar. Not to mention a variety of entertainment for the kiddos and amazing live music to keep all the ‘lekker’ vibes going and drinks flowing. Undoubtedly ensuring there’s something for absolutely everyone to enjoy!

Situated inside Rosebank Mall, the open rooftop space is transformed into a world-class market. Paired with the magnificent backdrop of the striking Johannesburg skyline, its pure market bliss! What more could you possibly ask for?!

**Extra Note: The Rosebank Sunday Market has live entertainment every last Sunday of the month as well as car-boot sales, where visitors are invited to sell their own goods from the boot of their cars.

With free entrance and over 140 traders on any given Sunday, the market is an easy choice for a complete day’s outing. From vintage sections, clothing, books, artworks, jewellery, and home décor to food stalls with a massive variety – Your options are truly endless!

#Prison Break Market in Glenferness

Best Markets in Johannesburg
Photo credit: Prison Break Market

The famous Prison Break Market is nestled in the suburb of Glenferness between Lonehill and Kyalami. Prison Break Market has a unique collection of 7 sheds, with each shed contributing a variety of different offerings, allowing for a truly exciting and elevated Jozi market experience. The iconic Prison Break Market gives avid market goers the opportunity to escape the daily drudge and break out of the mundaneness of life’s daily routine, by creating the ultimate market space that allows both local and global market lovers to experience an entirely different, yet wildly exhilarating, world under the striking Sandton skyline. Now that’s what we call a top-notch Joburg market experience you can’t afford to miss!

With a wide selection of crafter stalls, indulgent and appetizing artisanal foods, creative crockery painting, interactive photo experiences, and a whole shed dedicated to distilling, brewing as well as wine tasting – The Prison Break Market has it ALL & then some!

Best Markets in Johannesburg
Photo credit: Prison Break Market

**Interesting fact: Prison Break Market was created to be a midway environment between a pop-up market and a shopping centre, encouraging artisans to teach their trade while enjoying the benefits of selling the end products.

**Important Note: Each of the Prison Break Market’s unique collection of 7 sheds have different operating days and times in the week.

**Visit the Prison Break Market website to find out EVERTHING you need to know, including the specifics surrounding the different operating days and times of each of the market’s 7 unique sheds / stalls.

Hold on, the Prison Break excitement isn’t over just yet! This unique Joburg market also hosts a monthly pop-up market and extraordinary themed events that only adds to the undeniable allure and desire to BREAK OUT!

#The Field Market

Best Markets in Johannesburg
Photo credit: Field Market

Nestled along the Braamfontein spruit right in the heart of Sandton’s suburbs, The Field Market is one of the most beloved outdoor markets in Joburg. This monthly market (taking place every second Saturday of the month) in the tranquil green surrounds of the Field & Study centre, is the absolute best weekend escape to enjoy along with friends and family. In addition to their mission to bring people together in a beautiful fresh-aired outdoor setting, The Field Market is ALL about local, fresh, and sustainable, with their primary focus being on providing eager market goers with the freshest organic produce sourced directly from local vendors ONLY!

Boasting an exceptionally long list of impressive traders, crafters, curated foods, and goods, you best believe that you are getting the best of the best when visiting The Field Market.

Why not make an entire day of it as you enjoy local produce and artisanal food under the trees or relax in the sun along the banks of the Braamfontein Spruit, which runs through the entire park. At The Field Market its always a family-friendly affair, with jungle gyms to keep the kiddos entertained, all while you peruse local arts and crafts or enjoy some fabulous live music with a lovely glass of wine. Now that sounds like a Joburg market day out well spent! 

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