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Uncover what the City Of Gold has to offer. Secret Joburg curates the best experiences, tours, trips, restaurants, hotels & destinations that Johannesburg bids.

Discover Johannesburg’s hidden beauties, the bustling City of Gold. We take pleasure at Secret Joburg in uncovering the lesser-known treasures and compelling tales that make our city really special. We design an insider’s guide to Johannesburg like no other, from off-the-beaten-path attractions to fascinating experiences, incredible excursions, outstanding restaurants, and exceptional accommodations.

Indulge in the bustling local food scene of Johannesburg's various tastes and culinary delights.

Set out on a discovery journey as we lead you through the secret nooks and crannies that make Johannesburg really remarkable.

Unwind in the quiet oasis and getaways sprinkled among the busy cityscape.

Delve into the untamed wonders that surround Johannesburg.

Immerse yourself in the City of Gold's rich history and renowned sites.

The Best Picnic Spots in Johannesburg

The Best Picnic Spots in Johannesburg

Despite it’s skyscrapers and busy streets, Johannesburg has a number of tranquil and attractive locations ideal for picnics. Here are some of the best picnic

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Whether you’re an inquisitive visitor or a resident looking for new experiences, our committed team is excited to share the best-kept secrets of Johannesburg with you.

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“I actually think Johannesburg represents the future. My version of what I think the world is going to become looks like Johannesburg.” – Neill Blomkamp